Interested in art lessons? 

Atelier BCFA is a part-time atelier school for the study of contemporary fine art drawing and painting.

Associates of BCFA (aka students) work in oils, acrylics, mixed and various drawing mediums. Emphasis is on personal projects. Each associate creates unique artworks at their own pace with tailored help from Capolongo and other instructors. Groups are capped at six persons per class, ensuring adequate time with the instructor.

BCFA is a large, two-floor studio set in an idyllic classical garden setting in west Niagara’s Wine Region. Classes are geared to adults, though mature teens may be admitted as well.

Bruno Capolongo received his MFA (Master of Fine Arts in Visual Art) degree in 1998 from VCNU in the United States. He taught Advanced Drawing & Painting part-time at the independent art school and university levels from 2001-2013. In addition to various workshops, he has been a keynote speaker, judge, critic, panelist, art tour guide, and occasional columnist at the private and institutional levels since 1995.